Letter from a Lonely Friend

When loneliness creeps into you especially at 11 pm, you just cannot help but scroll down on your phone contacts discovering you cannot find someone worth conversing with. You expose yourself too much to people, and now you fear that you will turn too superficial. You dislike people ruling and pressuring you in life. Oh,… Continue reading Letter from a Lonely Friend


Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank’s Perspective of War and Life

It really is strange to read the transition of each stroke of letters or statements, knowing that the writer will surely come to his end. This is what I felt about Anne Frank's entries. I find her very bright; her way of thinking for such a young girl, made me express a word in Filipino… Continue reading Diary of a Young Girl: Anne Frank’s Perspective of War and Life


Why I Am A Big Fan of Michael Jackson

Newsflash about Michael Jackson's supposed concert in London showed MJ stating it would be his final performance. I was eleven years old then, watching from the television with disinterested stare. My knowledge about Michael was obscure, since my initial thought of him was that he was an actor. Needless to say, I have always heard… Continue reading Why I Am A Big Fan of Michael Jackson

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Subservience: The Fear Of Separation

Let us be honest: we have or had been people pleasers either consciously or subconsciously. Our need of affirmation from our own cliques brought internal confusion and struggle of our true desires. The seemingly harmless gestures and favors oftentimes have underlying meanings - it can be an act of good intentions or subjugating the person.… Continue reading Subservience: The Fear Of Separation