Why I Dislike Medications

Anxiety, paranoia, high sensitivity, and high sense of self. These were once considered normal for a 4 year old me. It was my initial impression that whatever I experience, everyone experiences it as well. As far as I can recall, I was three or four years old, when I became aware of my seemingly keen… Continue reading Why I Dislike Medications

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Subservience: The Fear Of Separation

Let us be honest: we have or had been people pleasers either consciously or subconsciously. Our need of affirmation from our own cliques brought internal confusion and struggle of our true desires. The seemingly harmless gestures and favors oftentimes have underlying meanings - it can be an act of good intentions or subjugating the person.… Continue reading Subservience: The Fear Of Separation

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“It Is Not Brainwash”: Terrorists’ Ideology

Our President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law on the second largest island in the Philippines, Mindanao. A war outbreak happened at Marawi City as the Maute group, sympathizers of ISIS, took foothold of the area. The city is quiet and denizens are currently treading on dangerous waters. Initial communication from the place were pictures sent… Continue reading “It Is Not Brainwash”: Terrorists’ Ideology