Why I Am A Big Fan of Michael Jackson

Newsflash about Michael Jackson’s supposed concert in London showed MJ stating it would be his final performance. I was eleven years old then, watching from the television with disinterested stare. My knowledge about Michael was obscure, since my initial thought of him was that he was an actor. Needless to say, I have always heard his name way back when I was less than ten years old. 

I love listening to pop music, partly because people around me would always listen to upbeat songs. Significant songs I heard before were Pump It, Macarena, Rock Your Body, and others purely made of techno; but most of them were from Michael’s: Billie Jean, Beat it, Thriller, Human Nature, Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, Rock With You, Heal The World, and You Are Not Alone. I never knew then he was the composer, but his songs were (and still is) well known. I could sing many of his songs regardless of my mastery of lyrics.

Days or weeks later, a surprising news came in: Michael Jackson Passed Away at 50. I was astounded. Most people from every country mourned him. He was such an influential man that for a week or so, his songs were played again and again in my country. I knew then he was not just any celebrity, for the only person I knew besides him, whom people mourned greatly was John Lennon’s death. 

I came to school one early morning, I was in fifth grade at the time, when a friend of mine, told me of him being saddened of the news.

“Kinsa diay na siya?” Who is he anyways? I asked him. I had the vaguest idea of Michael, which prompted him to give me a are you serious? look. “Listen to this.” He made me listen to numerous songs I had once heard when I was young. It was from Thriller to more unknown ones – yet still catchy. I was hooked and became interested to know Michael Jackson once and for all.

From then on, I became a die hard fan.

It was not only Michael’s ability to serenade and entertain his fans that made everyone crazy about. It was a mix of other factors.

Made Good Songs

courtesy: Google Images

*Snape’s voice* Obviously. 

He knew how to get our limbs groovin’. His diverse song genres from funk to R&B, gave everyone the impression of his versatility and giftedness. What with the numerous practices he had as a child, no wonder his skills were optimal!

Great Dancer

Courtesy: Google Images

Of course. We all know about his crotch grabbing and moonwalking dance trademarks. We cannot associate it with any other people than him; but that is not just his specialty.

Whenever I feel tired, I read articles about Michael or watch videos instead. Then I fortunately came across a video wherein he can do tapdance! Wow! Being a great singer is one thing, but being able to perform singing and dancing at the same time? That’s what I call pure entertainment. If you saw his videos in his early teens or adulthood, he can also do a legit robot dance. 


Courtesy: Google Images

It is no secret that Michael loves to give back to the people in need. His charitable efforts gained him respect from his fans. His seemingly willingness to give than forcing himself to do it, led him to receive numerous awards for his humanitarian acts. Also, not everything was known to the public. According to him, there were times wherein he gives charity without the knowledge of outsiders. Way to go Michael!

He Loves His Fans

Courtesy: Google Images

One thing I love about the internet is that it offers ebooks for me to read, especially about Michael. His former bodyguard prior his premature death wrote a book about him. It mentions his genuine love for his fans; he gives time to meet and greet them. He is the only celebrity I know who never condescended towards his fans.

Soft Voice

Courtesy: Google Images

This may sound so random, but yes. His soothing voice gives him an enigmatic aura. His loud and rambunctious self during concerts in contrast with him socializing to people really makes you wonder.


Courtesy: Google Images

It was later found out that he has over 10,000 books in his library. Michael was an avid reader. He learned the wonders of reading from his private tutor Ross Fine. He even mentioned her in his autobiography on how thankful he was for imparting to him the importance of knowledge. He was also a long time customer from different bookshops.  His reads helped him to become the best he can be. 


Courtesy: Google Images

He is extremely intellectual. Despite the social mishaps he may have committed, there is still no denying of him being a pure genius. With exposures to different singers and his fond of reading, it helped him develop his work. There is no question of his awesomeness.


Courtesy: Google Images

Besides reading during pastime, he loved to draw and paint. He could create not just any simple drawing, but . His versatility did not just stop in his career, which makes him more respectable to me. 
Other artworks of his:

Snow White

Courtesy: Google Images

Martin Luther KingCourtesy: Google Images

Charlie ChaplinCourtesy: Google Images

I could have given you more on the list, but I cannot fully express it in words. Nevertheless, I hope I was able to give you another perspective about Michael Jackson. He is a man of talent, and I am proud to be his fan!


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