As I am currently making this story while riding home, I want you to know that you left me hanging. I feel betrayed, weakened, and taken for granted. I even wrote two posts in my blog about you- yes, I made them, because I thought you were different: intelligent, a man of few words, and serious just like me.

Well, I would not have noticed you if it were not of your sudden conversation with me. I was minding my own business, until you sat beside me at the canteen. Yes, I indeed noticed you from that on and I wanted to reciprocate what you felt for me. Your mysterious aura inspired me to write my first post about you: Enigmatic Boy.

As time goes by, you made me feel appreciated. I started seeing your beautiful face; and that smile! Your smile is dazzling.

You once asked me if I ever had a boyfriend. I told you that I never had one, because I was dubious of the compatibility. Little did you know, you are the first person whom I thought is the one.

This may sound ludicrous, I know; but I tell you, in all honesty, thinking of such things once made me feel repugnant. I would have laughed had I not known I would feel this way too. You are indeed special.

I wrote you another post entitled Seeing You Again. My constant contemplation of you was unbelievable.

Oftentimes I think, karma does have a lot of ways in getting back to me. Is this the result of my constant refusal to guys who courted me? Now I felt what it is to feel rejected; worse: unliked. 

Farewell. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn that not everything desired becomes a possession. I am upset to be honest, but what can I do? Life is a series of games that needs to be played cleverly. Maybe you were serious, but you backed down suddenly. Is it because you find me intimdating – what with the accolades and recognition I receive in school? You called me smart numerous times, but being “smart” does not correlates with happiness. I feel lonely. I want someone to be with me and understand me of my mishaps and flaws. People think I am great in doing things, but I am not. I always need a helping hand.

Unfortunately, you are not the one.


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