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Subservience: The Fear Of Separation

Let us be honest: we have or had been people pleasers either consciously or subconsciously. Our need of affirmation from our own cliques brought internal confusion and struggle of our true desires. The seemingly harmless gestures and favors oftentimes have underlying meanings – it can be an act of good intentions or subjugating the person.

As a keen observer, I have noticed the conspicuous ways my peers do when interacting with different people. It is surprising and amusing on how they seem to pull off different masks on certain ones. As a former representative and vice president of the student council of my department and an exemplary student, I am respected by everyone – or so I thought.

I have also come to understand that my peers might have been biased on who to respect or not. My classmates who are not doing well in class could be categorized in two extremes: the cool guys who do not care about school rules and are lousy on their studies, but cool to be with nonetheless, and the bummer ones who seem to cannot get the affirmation with the whole class, therefore grouping themselves with people like them.

Of course, it does not limit there. This is purely my own subjective view based on what I have observed. I felt tricked upon learning that all this time, I was treated as VIP, yet others were treated unfairly.

Subservience. The word does not necessarily mean being victimized by the abuser. Oftentimes, it is an own volition of the person to be subjugated by the people around him. He feels compelled to treat others unfairly, because the society does so, and he feels compelled to be benevolent, because he felt subservient of the individual’s reputable feats.

I was blinded, because I believed that people around me also act the same way around people; but I learned fast that it really depends on who is worth their respect.

Still, it saddens me that people around me (or even I am) are doing things that are purely prejudiced. 

Don’t be subservient. Don’t be prejudiced. Listen to what is right and humane. Do not be an a-hole to certain people.


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