Books And Sense

There are multitudinous ways in enhancing and honing our potential. Learning from an individual, observing the object of interest, experimenting the given instruction, and many more are few of its examples. A huge leap from primitive living to a modernized era has broken the boundaries on what makes humans invincible in terms of improvement. Of course, it is not infinite, because as what Michael Stevens, a renowned youtuber, said in his video entitled The Science Of Awkwardness: You can’t move faster than light, or be in two places at once; you can’t wear pants made out of molten lead.

My professor in Sociology once gave us series of dates which showcased significant discoveries that shaped the society. As he wrote them, he asked us on what we discerned. Initial remarks were vague and questioning, but a handful of students said Well, as years go by, the gap between them becomes lesser and lesser. My professor affirmed the statement and tackled on how amazing an individual’s capability of improving oneself is.

Pioneers of transformations and innovantions had no other means of learning what they discovered at the time of novelty’s birth. Hence, it is deduced that the apparent correlation of fast-paced discoveries with successive years is that contemporary world learns from the past.

Learning is a practice. It is not completely innate, because people can observe or listen, but not fully attentive. If there is one thing that has honed me to become keen on every detail, it is my reading habit.

Reading has increased my attention span. I get to stay in one area and not give myself a boredom. I am now uninterested to mundane concerns and continually create a border between noteworthy and waste of time. Reading also increased my ability to speak and write well – this is the main reason of my blog making. It is both therapeutic and entertaining. Those searches on google about benefits of reading are quite true. Reading made me the best student in class.

The reason of this sudden elevation is my ability to learn from the past. I was doing searches on how to become better, what do most successful people do, and how to practice attentiveness. I was learning from people who became people worth emulating. Therefore, to become better by learning and doing is most essential for self- growth. It is to make sense of the world and make living worthwile.


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