When people do you wrong, all you have to do is be still.  When chaos brings forth anger, have a friend with you to check your emotion meter at all times.  When you want to burst out, always reflect that there may be a higher possibility of you regretting it later. Always remember to take… Continue reading Patience


Breathing Exercise

No man is an island indeed.  I have or had been frequently disturbed by my neurotic tendencies. The word neurosis is often associated with a slur, which is why most people do not admit to their tendency of feeling heightened emotions. Often as not, I put on a facade of impassiveness, but never with purpose.… Continue reading Breathing Exercise


Encephalitis Lethargica: The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness Epidemic

Since it’s my school’s semestral break, I have taken time reading a certain book regarding sleeping sickness entitled Asleep: The Forgotten Epidemic That Remains One of Medicine’s Greatest Mysteries by Molly Caldwell Crosby. I rarely read non-fictional volumes, but I always abide to my principle that everything should be balanced between reality and fiction. Also,… Continue reading Encephalitis Lethargica: The Mysterious Sleeping Sickness Epidemic